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Overseas Youth Arts Attachments
Image by Alistair Muir


NAC Youth Arts Overseas Attachment Programme: Selected Participants for 2014

This initiative is part of the National Arts Council’s on-going efforts to develop youth arts capacities in Singapore, and is managed in collaboration with Artswork – which is UK’s national youth arts development agency with 25 years of experience. The programme offers the opportunity for participants to embark on an immersive learning experience at a mix of established UK youth arts organisations. Upon return, participants will be expected to contribute to the youth arts landscape by developing or facilitating opportunities for young people to be engaged in and through the arts. Through participation in the attachments hosted by relevant and established youth arts organisations in the UK, there will be opportunities to network with international counterparts and learn from first-hand experience. The aim is to facilitate knowledge transfer for the benefit of Singapore’s arts and youth communities, including those marginalised.

We received an overwhelming number of applications for the NAC Youth Arts Overseas Attachment Programme, and after a series of interviews, 4 outstanding individuals were selected: Lam Gin Chia, Vicky Gunawan, Nur Sahirrah Binte Mohamed Safit, Roland Lim. The 3-month attachments to established UK youth arts organisations will take place within the period of April to August 2014. This experience will help them to initiate and develop programmes for young Singaporeans upon their return.

For enquiries about the programme, please contact Ms Sandy Teo at 6346 9626 or


 Attached Organisation (UK)


 Lam Gin Chia

Wessex Dance Academy

Lam Gin Chia, 28, is a prolific local dance choreographer and producer from O School. She works closely with young people in her role as a dance instructor for various MOE schools, and recently spearheaded a 24-hour long dance programme at the Singapore Girls’ Home, which sparked off a desire to engage at-risk youth through dance. Gin hopes to hone her mentoring skills while working with Wessex Dance, and impart her learning to her colleagues, peers and student leaders when she returns.

Vicky Gunawan



Vicky Gunawan, 30, is actively involved in the arts as the manager of OneHeartBeat Percussions, and is herself a lover of music and dance. She believes that positive arts interactions play an important role in the development of young people. Vicky will be working with the Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership (OYAP) and hopes to champion quality arts engagement for young people through networks of youth and community arts practitioners when she returns.

Nur Sahirrah Bte Mohamed Safit

Nur Sahirrah, 25, is passionate about all things theatre, including drama education. She is the Creative Director of Buds Youth Theatre, and a freelance theatre practitioner and drama instructor. She firmly believes that the arts have made her life meaningful and advocates the empowerment of young people through the arts. Sahirrah will be working with All Change Arts, and hopes the experience will help her to explore new possibilities in youth engagement.

Roland Lim


Roland Lim, 28, is a music producer, mix engineer and composer. He has been instrumental in producing several #1 charting albums and songs both locally and internationally, and was recently mentored by 5 time Grammy-winning producer Steve Lillywhite. He enjoys working with young musicians and believes in getting the best out of them. He hopes his stint with Rhythmix will give him the skills to develop programmes that will help Singapore’s young musicians grow, creating a more vibrant local music scene.


Last Updated: 15 Apr 2014